(Value Added Services)

Based on volume management and the planning and delivery cycle to customers we offer two main solutions:


We make small bids through the operational copacking process, which is done within the standard process of distribution order.  Operative detection of needs based on minimal level or via customer order initietes the process of required packaging adjustments  the process of ordering a distr. order, before issuing to the final customer. This is a build to order process = the package order is directly linked to the distributor's order of final customer The final product is moved directly from the copacking department to the distribution


Complex orders for large volumes, more demanding technological packs we manage through industrial a  co-manufacturing process that offers a wide range of packaging adaptations with systematic planning and management of production process. The final product is placed back in relatively large - logistically advantageous batches to the warehouse, waiting for the next step - the distribution order. This is mainly the build to stock process = the pack order is not directly linked to the distributor's orderof final customer the final product is moved from the co-manufacturing department to the warehouse,

From the type of packaging process, we divide VAS into:

Manual packaging and operations:

  • filling / packaging of products into final packaging (pouch, overpouch, folding / rigid box, dispalys)
  • floor display displays, counter displays
  • sticking (countryfication, barcoding, promosticking ..)

Technological packaging

  • blistering (blister card, clamshell)
  • flow pack
  • cello pack
  • skin pack
  • shrink, sleeve wrapping
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