Allogi is a company created by people who attract common values, interests and trust.

The basic pillars of our solutions are created by: 

  • Understanding the customer's experience, expectations and strategies.
  • Satisfaction and motivation of our people, based on fair involvement and the balance between professional and private life.
  • Delivering a professional solution using simplicity and common sense.

The basics of our service portfolio are laid on:

  • Years of experience in providing logistics services to clients from different segments.
  • Seniority of our people in the management of warehouse, production, transport operations.
  • Real experience in the implementation of complex logistics projects supported by in-depth analyzes of processes, organization and management tools at all levels, enabling us to design professional solutions for our clients and partners.

Meet us

Mgr. Ján Držík / founder

The Way I have made with Allogi is associated with positive people who are attracted by common values, interests and trust.

My previous professional career has been devoted to leading a multinational logistics company. Providing stabile service to customers, preparing solutions, and implementing operational projects bring everyday enough challenges that will uncompromisingly test the viability of each team member. In the logistics segment is even more valid than in others that the successful solutions and good company results are built on the abilities and energy of motivated people.

The corporate environment has given me a lot of experience, enabled me to participate in interesting projects, to work with a lot of great people, from different levels of management or technical specialization. At the same time, it has brought me insight into the "political" barriers that society creates through its complicated structure and organization. Unilateral focus on results, limiting key competencies and "tied hands" in decisions gradually burns the energy and confidence of key people.

My work experience and energy I want to use for the benefit of people and projects whose values ​​and key decisions we will be able to jointly create and actively influence. I am convinced that working with people who share the same values, based on trust, freedom in self-realization and fair involvement in results, creates a strong foundation for our joint success!