Within the handling processes, ALLOGI offers a wide range of options enabling modular tailor-made solutions. 

Custom WMS allows flexible access not only during the solution and implementation, but also during the modifications resulting from the practice.

Comprehensive monitoring of activities and intelligent reporting of strategic information is the key to success management of the company's project.

ALLOGI offers the following services:

Handling level 

  • pallet
  • box
  • inner 
  • unit

Type of handling:

  • Whole pallets
  • Mixed pallets
  • Whole boxes
  • Mixed boxes

Picking process

  • Full radio / scanner
  • Voice picking
  • Pick to light
  • Basic - paper/email order

Picking layout

  • Fix floor picking
  • Floating floor picking
  • Multi level picking
  • Cross-dock

Order cycles

  • D+1 / D+2
  • Cross dock
  • Just in time

Date connection / communication

  • EDI
  • Upload
  • Manual

Tracebility level

manipulácia s tovarom